Pocket UFO

Pocket UFO 1.26

Pocket UFO is a great strategy game for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Pocket UFO is a great strategy game for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The game takes place in year 1999. You are in charge of a company aimed to control alien activity all over the world.
To do this you are able to create your main bases anywhere in the world thanks to international funding. From these bases you should control UFOs and fight alien attacks so as not to lose international funds.
Pocket UFO has several interfaces depending on the tasks you are carrying out at the moment. The first one is a world map in which you can locate your bases and enemy's bases or attacks. You can also intercept UFOs in this screen. There's another interface that allows you to control your base activity. Here you can buy and sell items, hire or sack soldiers, engineers and scientists. You can also invest on research on new technologies and manufacture new items.
When you are attacking an alien base or trying to stop an alien attack a new interface will appear. Combat actions are turn based. You can move your soldiers and attack.
Pocket UFO is an amazing yet difficult game that everyone should try as it's completely free.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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Review summary


  • Whole lot of actions
  • Several interfaces to control every aspect of the game
  • Really addictive
  • Lots of alien technologies and lifeforms


  • Very difficult at the beginning
  • Time consuming
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